Ed DeCosta

Sales Trainer Ed DeCosta and John Maxwell on Selling A Vision

Ed DeCosta, the JMT faculty member responsible for teaching John Maxwell Method of Selling, is also the author of “Ascend: A Coach’s Roadmap For Taking Your Performance To New Heights” and “Release Your Superhero: How To Shed the Villains and Soar in Business and in Life.” In his 20+ years of corporate life, Ed was a dynamic producer and leader, growing worldwide sales and marketing teams and opening offices on three continents.

Ed is now President of Catalyst Associates, an executive coaching, corporate speaking, and leadership development firm. He has influenced the lives of thousands of executives worldwide, from young professionals to top executives of global corporations, Ed is helping them set and achieve smart goals and enabling them to meet their personal and business objectives.

His online coaching programs have helped his clients master the power of intentionality, so that they can establish control of their purpose, and their calendars in order to become the best possible version of themselves.

He is an ICF certified professional coach, has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from WVU as well as a Master’s Degree in International Management, and an MBA from the University of Texas. Ed is also an adjunct faculty member in WVU’s College of Business and Economics, a teaching Professional Selling and Entrepreneurship courses. Ed and his wife Linda live in Morgantown with their 3 children.

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