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“Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” –Winston Churchill


One of my favorite leaders, you talk about a person that I've always looked up to, I think probably the greatest leader of the last century was Winston Churchill. And he has our statement of strength for us today.

Hi, John Maxwell here. Welcome to Minute with Maxwell. Here's Winston Churchill's statement, ‘Courage is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.’ I've been to the bunker in London where Winston Churchill with his key leaders hunkered down during World War Two, when Nazi Germany was just bombing the heck out of 'em. In fact, let me just give you the perspective that maybe you need to have for this crisis. All of us in America remember 9/11. Winston Churchill had 51 9/11s. 51 times the German Air Force came and literally bombed London throughout the night. And what would he do? The next morning, among the ruins, he'd get his photographers and he'd walk among those ruins and he flies the symbol V with his fingers and he would smile smoking his cigar. And he was looking up and basically he was saying, look at me people, look at me, I'm going from failure to failure, bombing to bombing to bombing to bombing, and I've never lost my enthusiasm. Now, that is a real leader, that is a real man. That's somebody I can respect.

John Maxwell here, I'm glad you're with us today on a Minute with Maxwell.

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