Derrick Boles – Nampa, Idaho

Derrick Boles is a man of character and conviction. He has dedicated his life to serving our youth and setting an example for others to follow. He also has a powerful message regarding our need for kindness, encouraging people to be more intentional in how they interact and engage with others. He is a trainer, teacher, speaker and author who tells it like it is. He does it all with heart. His faith and leadership teachings have impacted the way others live their lives. It would be hard to even begin to quantify the impact he has had on the youth of our nation. One observer shared about Derrick that he, “isn’t your typical, happy-go-lucky, everything-is-fine kind of speaker. Nope. He gets fired up. He’s tired of how members of society treat each other. He’s ready to speak some real truth — the kind of convicted, hard-nosed truth that sends people home with a different perspective on life.” Derrick is the founder of “Stand Up America.”, and yet those that know him would tell you that he is a humble guy who feels a calling to spread his teachings no matter what the challenge.