Matthew White – Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Matthew White works for a faith based hospital founded by the Sisters of St. Agnes in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. He is noted for the service he provides not only at the hospital where he works, but the community that he lives — his goal is to help be a voice for those who lack healthcare. Matthew’s journey is quite amazing. After struggling in college nearly a decade ago, he would tell you his self worth was shattered. However, in the years that followed, he rose in influence at St. Agnes, and, while working, returned to college to graduate with honors. He is a young, dynamic and respected leader at the hospital, in his household, and this hometown. In many ways, he credits John Maxwell for where he is today. He will tell you that John’s books have done more than teach him leadership tools, they have gave him the confidence to embrace his role at work, at home and in the community!