Saul Paul – , Texas

Saul Paul has had a transformational life. Saul Paul never had a chance to know his mom or his dad. Unfortunately, his mom died when he was a child and his dad was absent. His grandmother did her best to take care of him until she passed away, and at that point, other family members helped take care of him. In the midst of his high school career, he was arrested by the FBI. Yet, upon graduation he was still accepted into the University of Texas at Austin. While in college he was arrested again, and was kicked out of college. As he was serving time for 4 felonies, his life was redeemed and changed.He came out of jail on parole, and through a miracle, was reinstated at the University of Texas. He then proceeded to graduate with a 4.0 GPA. He now tours as a musician with a message consulting with fortune 500 companies like Google and Nike all while still offering inspiration in prison systems, foster care systems, as well as the United Nations. His passion for the success of others carries him across the globe. His message seamlessly touches hearts from the board room to the streets.