Real Stories, Real Success: Finding Exactly Where You Need to Be

Helen Burton had been following John Maxwell for 15 years before the opportunity to join the John Maxwell Team came to her.  After doing her research, she decided to dive all-in.  “You can’t have one foot in and one foot out,” she says.

She soon advanced to Executive Director, knowing intuitively that this “was exactly where I needed to be.”

As District Manager for a Fortune 500 Insurance Company, Helen has the opportunity to lead a team of sales managers and sales representatives.  She uses what she has learned about leadership and coaching to pour into her team daily.  “When I’m pouring into them,” she says, “they’re pouring into me.”

There have been specific instances when her team has played the Leadership Game, and she sees the team members build rapport and build each other up. The game has allowed them to break down barriers with complete transparency and build the trust that is necessary to succeed as a team. “I am convinced that this is the direction that God has for me,” Helen says.

On a personal level, the John Maxwell Team has truly given her an awareness of who she is as an individual and where she’s headed.  She has transformed her thinking into an abundance mindset and recognizes that we were all created for a purpose with certain gifts, talents, and skills.

“To be able to grow,” Helen says, “we must also be challenged and take action.”

These lessons led her to develop her motto, “Do it scared.”

Helen truly values the like-mindedness of her fellow JMTers in wanting to make a difference in the world and help others achieve their greatness.  She recently traveled to Paraguay with the team to help transform leaders and sees this as the first of many opportunities to transform the lives of everyone that God places in her path.

This is because, as she says, “We can all live a significant life!”